LP - BORED TEENAGERS - VOL.7 COMPILATION Rare UK Punktracks 77-82, incl. great booklet

16 Rare UK Punktracks 77-82, incl. great booklet Lim. Ed 500 copies only. Tracklist: This volume features THE SINGLES who were from the Rochdale area and released one of the rarest UK Punk 45s back in 1978 with the controversial title of ‘Adolf Hitler. The song is about a German soldier who is the trenches and questions his belief and why he is here! The next two tracks are provided by IN THE GYM with two tracks taken from the incredible rare 45 from 1981. This band hailed from Kidderminster and this was their one and only 45. Following on with the KATZ from Swindon with two tracks taken of their extremely rare 45 from ‘79, plus the CD version features unreleased tracks. Next band to grace your speakers are from our very own Capital CHAOS UK with two super snotty punksters. This was the bands one and only 45 release before re-surfacing as the Mandies. Our next stop is Birmingham with two ultra rare absolute PUNK gems from THE HOBBS. Collectors around with world will be familiar with this band as they release ‘Bop Around The Shop’ on the ‘Big’ label in 1978 BUT did you know that they had an aborted single that they recorded a year earlier for the ‘DJM’ label? Sadly these tracks never came out as the band were dropped in favour to the Satan Rats’. You are gonna be in for a treat with these two blasts….. Now comes THE WHAT?, hailing from South Humberside who released a killer little 3-Track EP in 1979 that includes the anthem ‘East Coast Kids’! (vinyl version has 2 tracks, CD features all 3 tracks). Now we are heading all the way down to Cornwall to THE VENDETTAS, who trod all the Cornish music haunts throughout 1977 and called it a day in 1978.... GREAT rough Punk Rock that will stick in yer head and you’ll find you''re self singing the lyrics without knowing it! The next two tracks that come blaring at you are from our front cover stars SKIDMARX. Hailing from Carlisle and relocating to South London and then Brighton this band should have been BIG! They had the look, the songs and definitely the ATTITUDE! Sadly it wasn’t to be… The last band to be featured are SYSTEM X from Enfield in North London. In their life time they offer no vinyl output but did record 5 tracks… All of which can be heard in their full glory (2 on the vinyl version).

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