The second release in our great series of radio sessions are the collected BBC recordings of COMET GAIN, the rough diamond of the International Pop Underground, the indie punk monkees, the noise pop collective Numero Uno! RADIO SESSIONS BBC 1996 - 2011 contains three John Peel sessions from 1996 and 1997 as well as a Marc Riley session from 2011. One thing is for sure: a world in which such a great, anarchic, idiosyncratic band, simply perfect in its imperfection, is invited to Abbey Road Studios for radio sessions by the country's biggest broadcaster, among others, can't be that bad. All those who are already fans of COMET GAIN should have this album, and everyone else too.

Track Listing:
A1) Say Yes Kaleidoscope Sound (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A2) Stripped (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A3) Pier Angeli (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A4)Strip Poker (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A5) I Can't Believe (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A6) Chain Smoking (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
A7) Love And Hate On The Radio (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B1) Emotion Pictures (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B2) Tighten Up (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B3) Young Lions (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B4) We Are All Rotten (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B5) Working Circle Explosive! (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B6) Thee Ecstatic Library (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B7) After Midnite, After It's All Gone Wrong (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)
B8) Saturday Night Facts Of Life (Radio Sessions 1996-2011)

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