LP - DAMPF - THE ARRIVAL E-Type goes metal

Big melodies, dark metal, pop hooks, great songs and talented musicians.   That's DAMPF. And DAMPF is the biggest music metal phenom of the year.   The dream of DAMPF started many years ago when Martin "E-Type" Erikson got the idea to combine the power of dark metal with pop melodies. But it was not until recently, when Martin was given a written assignment by Eye to write the songs for 3 albums in this spirit, that he realized that the time for this dream has now arrived. Martin's gathered the most talented of his musician friends and have now completed the first album "Arrival" to make his and DAMPF message audible: the future is not historyless and the dead are not gone.  Dampf's songs are written by Martin Erikson and producer colleague Jona Tee. Dampf is not a traditional music group but more of a collective of musical forces and the love for music. These friends who are in the album are: Pontus "P-maker" Norgren from Hammerfall, Thomas "Songoftheship" Bjerlo from Stormfrun, but others who are in DAMPF are: Johan "Big J" Hegg from Amon Amarth, Tommy "Lord Thorwald" Johansson from Sabaton, Johan Shellback, who probably speaks for himself (if you wonder who has produced Maroon 5:s Moves like Jagger.. well it's Shellback) and Frederick "Hanoi" Melander from Bathory. 



Side A

1. Winterland / 2. The Other Side / 3. Goeie Mie / 4. Who Am I? / 5. Borne On The Wind / 6. Twilight Eyes


Side B

1. Spread Your Wings O´er Me / 2. Steinhaufen / 3. Jerusalem / 4. From The E-ternity / 5. Sea Me

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