Black vinyl, Limited edition 500 copies with " full story and photo´s" insert.


In the spring of 1968, Hansson & Karlsson were offered a gig in Copenhagen together with the British band Cream (Eric Clapton // Jack Bruce // Ginger Baker). A nationwide tour was booked starting in Skellefteå and ending in Copenhagen.

Hansson & Karlsson wanted to show a new side here and hired guitarist Bengt Dalén as violinist, to join.

This has been a well-kept secret for 55 years, this Norrköping concert from March 29, 1968 was recorded.

Musically, Hansson & Karlsson no longer sounded like McDuff, McGriff or Smith, but now it suddenly sounds a bit like Frank Zappa's Hot Rats (1969) with Jean Luc Ponty and Don "Sugar Cane" Harris before even Hot Rats was released! There are also similarities down the King Crimson edition where David Cross played violin (1974).

Hansson & Karlsson with Bengan Dalén became, in short, pioneers and stylists in a completely new genre.

In addition to the magical music that has been carefully transferred from Loffe Carlsson's tape to vinyl, a detailed insert with the entire story and completely incomparable photos that have never been published before is included.



Side 1.

1. Triplets

2. Night in August

Side 2.

1.Elefantspår på Fönsterblecket Part 2

2.Richard Lionheart

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