LP - IN THESE MURKY WATERS - S/T Swedish progressive incl. member of Änglagård

•For fans Ånglagård, White Willow, chamber & dream pop, rock and prog


In These Murky Waters is a duo from Stockholm consisting of Ewik Rodell (Lyrics and Vocals) and Mattias Olsson (Änglagård) (Mellotron, Chamberlin, Optigan and Orchestron).

The duo met when Ewik was looking for new sounds for a concept album she was working on. She had found Mattias through mutual friends. After meeting, talking and listening Mattias asked if Ewik could try singing on some songs he had written. The Music was written on old archaic keyboards and drum machines from the 60s and 70s that play play loops and sounds from film and tape. The music had a sort of sepia toned postcard feel to them and after listening to them a sort of vague lyrical concept started taking shape. Pictures, stories and glimpses. Memories and tape. It's about creating abstract images, setting the scene and then letting the listener connect the dots.  In short...in these murky waters sound like a memory you´ve never actually had.                  


1. Adventures in Central Park

2. Memories And Tape

3. Ophelia

4. We Came from the Ocean

5. Burn Bridges Burn

6. Berlin Zoo

7. Postcard

8. Carnival

9. Roll The Dice

10. Ann- Marie

11. Tears On A Green Sequined Dress

12. Rooms Of Faded Photographs


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