LP - JANNE BORGH FANCLUB - BYRONESQUE Hand screen printed , white label Pre-edition. Limited Edition 100 copies

Hand screen printed sleeve. Every sleeve withe unique print in recycled sleeve with insert.

White label Pre-edition.  Limited Edition 100 copies only.


Janne Borgh of legendary mod revival darlings The Moderns has made his second album as Janne Borgh Fanclub. It's a brew of jangly guitars and power chords, layered harmony vocals and melodic bass, but also with touches of country, americana, folk and music hall. The title "Byronesque" stems from the love for anything romantic and poetic, whether it's words, music, images, or experiences. "To have joy, one must share it", Lord Byron said. We're happy to share Janne Borgh Fanclub ?s second masterpiece with you. 




Side A
1. A Village Called Town
2. Fall From Grace
3. People Are Crazy
4. My Quiet Girl
5. It's Not That Easy
6. Low Tide and Gray Skies

7. Nightingale Lane 

Side B 

1. When the Broken-Hearted Sings the Blues 
2. Please Leave Your Yesterdays Behind

3. Stars 
4. My Lost Illusion (poem) 
5. To Be Free 
6. Wapping Wall 

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