LP - KSMB - EN SLEMMIG TORSK I EN BRÖDROST RED vinyl , Limited Edition 300.

RED vinyl. Limited Edition 300 copies  including KSMB Magazine " Glappkäft"  16 pages with lyrics, biography, Picture gallery etc. when ordering from us.


Kind of a "Best of" collection of this classic swedsih first generation punk band. All tracks from 1979-80.  Tracks compiled from singles, Lp´s and compilations.

I can not think of a better punk record that most likely prepared the ground for both hardcore bands as well as Trall punk (the melodic version of Swedish punk) in their homeland, Sweden. These songs mostly written in late 70s are exceptionally quick paced for the time and KSMB introduced another novelty for their time: dual vocals, something that will only have a raise in popularity with British Anarcho Punk a year or two later. Besides their truly unique musical expression, their lyrics are something special as well. Both funny and critical, their lyrics deal with plethora of unexpected subjects ranging from slimy herrings to Hare Krisnas and Jehova's witnesses ringing your bell all the time. You can hear echoes of KSMB influence in bands from Slime to Asta Kask to Toy Dolls. This album is so perfect that any comment can't do it justice. amen./BORED TEENAGERS (review of KSMB - Aktion LP) 


Tracklist :

Side A.

1. Tidens Tempo

2. Jag vill bli som far

3. Adolf

4. Dörrterror

5. Dagens Ungdom

6. Varför lever du?

7. Smygfacsist

8. But we have no Bananas

9. Fp

10. Atomreggae

11. En slemmig Torsk

Side B.

12. Bohman

13. ABAB

14. Hårding

15. Militärlåten

16: Förortsbarn

17. Jag vill dö

18. MUF

19. Dagen då alla gav upp

20. Vem e du?

21. 49 celler ( Live )

22. Lurad.

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