LP - LANDBERK - INDIAN SUMMER reissue of 1996 progressive album on vinyl for 1st time

This album is a prime example of misunderstood genius, not particularly liked by the fans because of its rather radical low-key atmosphere, quite distant from the previous "Heavy Prog" formula. In fact, it's so moody it can verge on soporific, like a soundtrack for an opium den. But these guys are full of surprises and they succeed in paving the road for future prog acts such as PTree, NoSound, White Willow, Paatos and the brilliant Sunscape by deliberately expanding on the veil on the sonics, less rock and more roll if you will. Landberk is unquestionably led by the scintillating guitar work of Reine Fiske, a unique somber style that winks reverently at a reserved Fripp or U2's The Edge on quaaludes combined with an abundant use of fluffy mellotron carpets at the hands of producer Simon Nordberg. Both bassist Stefan Dimle and drummer Jonas Lindholm excel at setting a mood and keeping it firmly anchored, just plain solid.

Reine Fiske


Humanize (6:07)  
All Around Me (9:03)  
1st Of May (3:34)  
I Wish I Had A Boat (5:41)  
Dustgod (5:04)  
Dreamdance (4:49)  
Why Do I Still Sleep (7:55)  
Indian Summer (5:12)

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Artist LANDBERK 1 Releasedatum2024-02-16 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr81335 VarugruppVinyl FormatLP KatalognummerLB1 SkivbolagLandberk 1 GenreProgressive/ Progg / Psyche 1625 SkickNy, ospelad

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