LP - SEKOU ANDREWS & THE STRING THEORY - S/T US Grammy Nominated, Limited Edition of 300 copies.

US Grammy Nominated, Limited Edition of 300 copies.


The American award-winning poetic voice Sekou Andrews has spent the past fifteen years or more inspiring audiences across the globe as one of the most successful, full-time spoken word artists.

In 2019 he collaborated with the alternative European/American neo-classical orchestra The String Theory on six tracks recorded between Los Angeles and Berlin. The result is a genre-bending 40 minute Lp of spoken word and orchestral music which received a Grammy 2020 nomination for best spoken word.

Sekou Andrews truly knows how to rock and has helped millions of people finding their voice. Don´t miss.


Side A

1. The Music Movement

2. Love Says

3. Be Voiceful

Side B

1. Good Vibes

2. Poem

3. Poets Have Fun Too


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