LP - SHAKERS, THE - TRACKS REMAIN with booklet , Lim.Ed. 500 copies

Lim.Ed. 500 copies with 16 Page A4 Booklet/fanzine.


Finally a The Shakers collection on vinyl! 

If Tages was Sweden's Beatles then The Shakers were Sweden's Stones. They were a little darker and a little more dangerous, but alas very short lived.  They rleased a string of singles between 1965 and 1968, but did never manage to make an LP.

So here it is the first Lp, "Tracks Remain" which compiles the band's best tracks remastered, of which several has never before been released on vinyl. 


Side A
1. New Orleans
2. Don't Just Look At Me
3. Bad Bad Woman
4. Shake
5. Move Out Of My Mind
6. She Said Yeah
7. Now We're Thru'
8. All I Want Is My Baby
9. Too Much Monkey Business 

Side B
1. Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils)?

2. Family Way
3. Hold On I'm Coming
4. Summertime Blues
5. Tracks Remain
6. The 46 In Wind Street
7. Day Tripper
8. Bye Bye Johnny 

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