MAG - RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE - No 524 November 2021 incl. T. Rex Huge-article, The Specials, Emerson Lake, Palmer, Goth Rarities etc.

Around 150 pages UK and the worlds leading magazine for record  collectors.


Vi är "stockist" för Record Collector Magazine och får in varje nummer tidigare än tidningsbutikerna. Du kan köpa lösa nummer av oss till som vi skickar som en vanlig order. Vill du prenumera genom oss så hör av dig på telefon. Vi lägger då undan varje nummer åt dig och postar med det i din nästa skivbeställning.  Du påbörjar din prenumeration och avslutar den precis när du vill till 99kr/ tidning som är  under prenumerationpriset och klart under vad den kostar i svenska butiker.  Välkommen!


NOVEMBER 2021    ISSUE NO: 524
Exclusive features include:

T.REX - Fifty years since Electric Warrior cemented his status as the corkscrew-curled king of the burgeoning glam-rock movement, we trace Marc Bolan's 12-month evolution from flower child and indie-folk underground darling to mainstream pop messiah
TERRY HALL - The Specials have returned with an album of protest-themed covers, but for their leader it's been a long and winding road back into the fold of his first band
ELP - Carl Palmer guides us through a pictorial history of the organ-abusing, stadium-filling, drumkit-customising, classical-channelling prog power trio
JAM & LEWIS - The legendary production duo have made a debut album, but we're just as interested to hear their stories about Prince, Janet Jackson and her late brother...
GOTH - The beginnings of a post-punk movement that is now arguably the world's biggest subculture, told via archive photos and our pick of key 80s releases

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