MAG - RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE - No 525 December 2021 incl. REM Huge-article, Duran Duran, The The, Chicago Blues etc.

Around 150 pages UK and the worlds leading magazine for record  collectors.


Vi är "stockist" för Record Collector Magazine och får in varje nummer tidigare än tidningsbutikerna. Du kan köpa lösa nummer av oss till som vi skickar som en vanlig order. Vill du prenumera genom oss så hör av dig på telefon. Vi lägger då undan varje nummer åt dig och postar med det i din nästa skivbeställning.  Du påbörjar din prenumeration och avslutar den precis när du vill till 99kr/ tidning som är  under prenumerationpriset och klart under vad den kostar i svenska butiker.  Välkommen!


DECEMBER 2021    ISSUE NO: 525
Exclusive features include:

R.E.M. - By 1995, Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe had shown the world how to get stadium-huge without a shred of artistic compromise. But the simple task of writing a new album on the road was about to be hit by potentially life-threatening complications...
THE THE - As a revitalised Matt Johnson prepares to release an audio document of The The's 2018 Comeback Tour, he's also pondering his next creative move, while reliving a colourful back story for us
DURAN DURAN - Now featuring four of the original fab five, the new romantic scene's most celebrated graduates are back  hitting an unlikely late-career peak
CHICAGO BLUES BREAKERS - The 60s might have seen a celebrated British blues boom, but the American sound it channeled was reverberating over there, too
DEAN FRIEDMAN - An audience with the US songwriter whose line in wry MOR and sharply polemical vignettes has stretched way beyond his Lucky Stars

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