MAG - RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE - No 533 July 2022 incl. 1977 - from Punk to Disco Def Leppard, John Peel, Propaganda, Heart etc.

Around 150 pages UK and the worlds leading magazine for record  collectors.


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1977 SPECIAL - Remember the last jubilee? Do you remember the music, when ABBA met Suicide and Two Sevens clashed? We reckon 1977 was an annus mirabilis for music, and we can give you 77 releases (plus a few more) from that year that we believe support our case...
JOE ELLIOTT - Forty-five years since forming (in 1977, appropriately enough for this issue) and with a frankly obscene amount of record sales under their belts, Def Leppard are still vowing to add to their legacy. Their frontman talks T.Rex, tragedy, and chart battles with Michael Jackson
xPROPAGANDA - As Propaganda founding members Susanne Freytag and Claudia Brücken re-emerge with a (slightly) modified name and new LP, they tell us why going from hanging out with Throbbing Gristle to watching Frankie go nuclear was all part of the fun
LINX - Now a regular fixture on our TV screens, David Grant's first flush of fame came as part of Britfunk outfit Linx. He relives their brief, bright brush with stardom
JOHN OTWAY - After his first chart entry in 1977, 'Rock'n'roll's greatest failure' (TM) embraced one-hit wonder status - so successfully that he ended up getting another hit 25 years later. After celebrating his 5,000th show, he picks out 10 memorable moments from an epic underdog journey
FROM THE VAULTS - Reissues and comps from Elton John, Frank Black, Al Stewart and many others reviewed
NEW ALBUMS - The Smile, Porcupine Tree, Angel Olsen and many others have their work ruthlessly appraised
BOOKS - New tomes by (and about) Jarvis Cocker, Miles Davis, Karl Bartos and more
MOVIES/DVDS - Nick Cave doc reviewed
SINGLES - including new Johnny Marr 45
LIVES - Shows across the country we have seen include Killing Joke, Genesis and Sparks

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