CD - MOUNTAIN OF POWER - VOLUME THREE Limited edition Digipack

Limited edition. Digipack.

1 Give It Everything We Got / Kryptonite 7:10  cover of Neil Merryweather
2 Hey Serena / Wheel Of Fortune Spinning 7:35   cover of Walter Rossi/Charlee
3 It's A Jungle Out There (Power) 4:56  cover of Diamond REO
4 Be My Lover / Little Texas Shaker 5:48  cover of Triumph
5 Raging River Of Fear (Can't Feel Nothing/Frozen Over) 4:59  cover of Captain Beyond
6 Silver Dollar 5:35 cover of April Wine
7 Badside 5:39 cover of Cain
8 All The Way 5:08 cover of Mother's Finest
9 Cynthia Fever/Juke It 6:41  cover of Boomerang
10 She Flew Freely / If Only We Had Tried 4:51 cover of The Hunt
11 Under The Shadow (Working Man-What You're Doing-Soliloquy-YYZ) 7:05   cover of Rush
12 Death Of Mother Nature Suite / Child Of Innocence (Carry On Wayward Son-Relentless-Down The Road-Cheyenne Anthem) 12:31 cover of Kansas

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ArtistMOUNTAIN OF POWER Releasedatum2016-06-19 Art nr11367 VarugruppCD/DVD FormatCD SkivbolagSTARK MUSIC GenreStoner Rock SkickNy, ospelad LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar